Here is a direct insight look at the artist BadLuck Trafficking Houstons newest upcoming unsigned independent artist.

Born in Grand Rapids Michigan an moved to an Houston Tx. From rapping an spitting freestyles at house parties to featuring on albums with legends, Badluck always was a talented artist but loved being a criminal just as much as he loved music he started professionally doing music at the age of 18. He was around all the upcoming artist at that time an was known for is affiliation to the street life he was offered to feature on a album called "Mun-e Makes the World Go Around". With the southeast heavy weights at that time, Phat Money Records, this album featured Slim Thug, SouthPark Mexican, Lyfestyle, lil Mario, Billy Cook as well as LT an other artist. BadLuck who went by the title "Luchee" featured 3 times on that album an was next to follow off the label but watching how business was done and how the industry needed artists, Badluck decided to venture out on his own an created Legion Records with his childhood bestfriend Rome an producer James Gee 808. They later went on to put out an album as the group Eighty-Trei "Speaks for Itself".

Badluck still grinding in the streets ends up in prison as they raided his apartment in 2003 an found him guilty of possession with a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. For those that don't know what that means it means they caught him an charged him with selling cocaine. He was sentenced to 10 years in a TDCJ correctional facility where there was little light at the end of the tunnel.

Given a second chance Badluck was released on parole an tried to live a legal normal life but between bills piling up an music looking like a distant challenge Badluck went back to doing what he knew best, but in 2008 Badluck was caught in a sting operation that led to his arrest after doing 2 years in prison he was yet given another chance.

On parole he decided to recreate a new record label with Jeffery King entitled "UnderGround Pipeline Records" which they released 2 mixtapes and 1 album, acting as a rap group they called themselves "The Union". Because they come from similar backgrounds an were known with there affiliation in the streets. Unfortunately over time they began to not work well with each other and Badluck decided to move on an continue to move forward on his own.

Now beginning a new era, and releasing new music as an "Independent Artist" with no label to have say in how or when he is allowed to release music an what he decides to do an how he does his music I think this has given him the push to break free of all barriers as he writes an talks about things he's been through as well as the life in which he lived in a way that you can understand an can't help but love what he can do as a musician.

BADLUCK is an acronym meaning:

Believe &
Love &

Each one, Teach one...

His first solo Mixtape entitled "American Gangsta", is set to release in 2015 and will be available for free downloads through the website an connected links. This mixtape will be the beginning to the soon to be a classic solo Album that is due to release this year.

An here is a brief but powerful quote from BadLuck Traffic King...


"If I give them the power to feed me
Then I give them the power to starve me"

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